What We Do

PCB Design

Modulus specializes in the development and manufacturing of Class II and Class III medical devices. With expertise in high reliability, ultra-low power microelectronics, our product portfolio includes diagnostic instruments, remote patient monitoring systems, wireless technologies, implantable neurostimulators and pacemakers. We are ISO 13485:2003 and ISO 9001:2008 certified and have a Class 100 clean room and machine shop on premise.

Our robust Design Engineering, Manufacturing, Quality and Supply Chain teams quickly and seamlessly adapt to our customers unique product requirements and work with our customers as a partner through each step of the product life cycle to deliver high quality, cost effective and competitive products. We offer complete product development, small quality production for clinical trials, product qualification support for regulatory submissions and volume production.

At Modulus, we strongly believe that our success is a reflection of our customer's success. We apply this philosophy in every phase of the product lifecycle, including post production where we can assist our customers with product improvements to increase longevity of existing products as well as new product introduction (NPI).