Design and Engineering

Modulus' expertise in the design of ultra-low power embedded systems has been successfully applied to the development of a multitude of devices including implantable devices and scuba diving computers. Once design is completed, breadboards are constructed to allow for the development and testing of firmware. In addition to ultra-low power circuit and system design, we have an equally mature process for embedded firmware development. Verification and validation of software and firmware is simplified by our modular design philosophy.

Modulus has standardized and optimized the design of several common building blocks, such as MICS radio transceivers and power management approaches. This ensures that our designs are robust, testable and verifiable.  Furthermore, our ability to reuse essential building blocks enables us to provide turnkey solutions to our customers.

Through our modular design approach, our talented team of Design Engineers are able to provide novel and innovative solutions for some of the most complex and challenging problems that our customers face. As a result, our customers benefit from increased cost savings, faster time to market and a more competitive high quality product.