Mechanical Engineering/Material Science


Our Mechanical and Material Science Engineering team is an integral part of Modulus' resources. Their involvement early in the product development phase complements our other technical groups to ensure that the product is well conceived and manufacturable, using the most current technologies.

Our Engineers have expertise with SolidWorks and use simulation tools to perform FEA (Finite Element Analysis) resulting in high precision and functional designs. Our broad range of experience with plastics and metals, deep understanding of thermodynamic and fluid mechanics concepts, hands-on experience with molding processes, adhesives, welding and bonding allows our Engineers to offer the ideal design and recommend the best materials to meet our customer's requirements.

Our in-house machine shop and labs provide our engineers access to various machines and tools including CNC, injection molding, laser welding/cutting machines, etc., to quickly produce precision parts and to rapidly create prototypes for our customers to evaluate.