Modulus Pick-and-Place Machines

Modulus has deep experience in the manufacturing of microelectronic devices. From developing qualified and approved suppliers to thorough incoming inspection and traceability to the component level, our disciplined management of the supply chain enables us to maintain quality and yields. Our manufacturing process includes identifying and developing assembly and test fixtures early on in the prototype manufacturing phase. As part of this phase, we refine and validate all custom hardware, tools, fixtures and software used in the assembly and test of the product. We also work closely with our customers to define test requirements. In some cases, our customers supply the test specs, and in other cases we develop all the test requirements.

Any special assembly operations or tests required in the manufacturing of a new product are documented in detail and a training program is developed to train operators. Statistical methods are applied to monitor quality at every stage of the manufacturing process, giving us the ability to spot any yield issues very early and to take corrective actions.