Custom Implantables

Custom Titanium Cans

Custom Feed-throughs

We have developed our own proprietary approach to the design and fabrication of custom feed-throughs and the technique of hermetic attachment to the lid or can. This allows our customers to develop complex implant feed-through requirements at low cost and shorter lead times. We also provide full qualification and test reports on each of these custom feed-throughs. Our design approach is geared towards supporting long term high volume manufacturing.

Header with MICS Antenna


This is one of the more complex parts of implant manufacturing, and we have simplified and standardized our design approach and certain components such as connector blocks, MICS antenna (if needed), and O-ring seals to allow for efficient and robust design. We can use pre-molded headers or epoxy poured headers (suitable for short run prototypes). By taking a modular approach, much of the design is simplified and qualification becomes much more predictable.

Custom Cans

We work with customers to define the most appropriate and smallest can design specification, taking into consideration battery dimensions, space allocation for microelectronics, communication coils or antennas. As part of this step, we collaborate with outside vendors to procure the titanium cans to the agreed upon specifications.

We have in-house capabilities for laser welding of titanium cans with a multi-axis fully programmable laser welding system. Laser welding is performed in an argon environment. Helium leak testing is also performed to ensure hermetic sealing of the cans. Final polishing and product name/logo/serial number is laser marked, per our customer's specifications.