The final step in the manufacturing of the implantable device is the labeling and packaging, which is performed in our class 100 Clean Room. During this process, we work with customers to develop the vacuum form tray, procure any ancillary components that are packaged with the implant such as a hex wrench, and complete the final sealing in a sterilizable package.

Most products require custom designed packaging and custom shipping containers. Our mechanical engineers are experienced in the design of vacuum formed trays, custom carton design and foam inserts. Labeling is applied based on our customer's regulatory requirements. Final labeling inspection and packaging is performed prior to shipping based on customer requirement.

We can also provide support and manage an outside sterilization vendor on behalf of our customers. In some cases, the final step of packaging, labeling and sterilization is also handled by our customers directly. Shipping is handled by our facility in San Jose, CA.