Who we Are

Marv Akerman In Memorium

Our History

For over four decades, Modulus has been developing and manufacturing the highest quality products ranging from consumer and industrial products to medical devices. By combining a highly experienced professional staff of product design engineers, programmers and manufacturing personnel, we can take on a design program from concept phase to final manufactured product. When customers come to us with a designed product, we can work with them to complete the production phase. A robust supply chain management system supports our customers' requirements.

One constant across all projects has been our continuous commitment to product excellence and innovation. In fact, Modulus has pioneered many inventions that are recognized as firsts in the manufacturing industry.

In the 1970s, we developed and manufactured the first electronic LED wrist watch and digital panel meter. In the 1980s, we created and produced wireless gas meter readers and the first scuba dive computers, which we continue to manufacture today. In the 1990s, we created the industry's leading gas detectors for the mining industry, which are still in use today. In the last decade, our focus has shifted to medical devices. We have developed and manufactured implantable devices such as gastric pacemakers and cardiac monitors. Today, we continue to innovate in the area of medical devices including wireless remote patient monitoring, biomaterials, neurostimulation devices, drug delivery platforms, and drug-device combination devices.