In Memorium
Marv Akerman

Founder and Former CEO

7/19/1931 - 6/4/2015

Marv's Career Highlights... At a young age, Marv knew he was interested in electronics. His time in school prepared him for a long career as he received his BEE degree from Illinois Institute of Technology in 1953 and an MS degree in 1957. While in the Army, Marv taught courses in Radar Systems and other electronic subjects. From 1955-1963, he held increasingly responsible engineering positions with Chicago Aerial Industries and Admiral Corporation. He left Chicago and settled in Sunnyvale where he worked as Chief engineer of Hewlett-Packard's Mountain View Division. Here he directed R&D for a number of communication terminal products; including the H-P order processing system which linked all 25 sales offices with the main computer. In 1967 he left HP to help start up Tri Data Corp. As Vice President of Engineering, Marv was responsible for the engineering team and development of their successful Cartri-File line of digital magnetic tape units. He then worked with Fairchild as Director of Advanced Development for the Camera and Instrument's Opto-Electronics Division. Then, in 1972 at the age of 41, Marv launched his own company called Modulus, Inc. Modulus was established as a state of the art product design/development company. As the leading design engineer; Marv, along with loyal and devoted employees, continued to secure contracts and Modulus continued to grow. New equipment and larger spaces were required over the years to meet the ever changing fast pace of the electronics industry. Throughout the years, Marv stayed current with his knowledge as he designed everything from digital watches, to scuba diving computers to RF gas meters. Marv has personally designed over 200 products including medical devices and has been awarded electronic patents. Currently, Mir Imran, who worked for Marv in the 1980's acquired Modulus when Marv was ready to retire at the age of 79 in 2010. Today Modulus is going strong with Abbas Khorsand running the operations as he has since 1976 along with Marv's daughter; Deb, in Purchasing since 1994. Modulus is Marv's legacy that will undoubtedly continue to grow and provide products the world will benefit from for a long time to come.

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